DJMC Mentor Application


Mary Lee Ahern

DJMC & YIELD Coordinator

(312) 640-2119

Become a DJMC Mentor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor with the Disability Justice Mentoring Collective. This application is your first step towards becoming a mentor.

The application process has four parts:

  1. Mentor Information + signed Expectations Agreement
  2. Interview with the DJMC Coordinator
  3. Background check forms and CANTS form
  4. Online mandated state reporter training

Applications can be dropped off in person, mailed to Access Living, or emailed to Additionally, you may begin the application process by filling out the forms below or by downloading the application from the ‘Resources’ section of this page. If you have questions or would like assistance with the application process, please contact our youth team.

DJMC Mentor Application

Part 1: Mentor Information

Asterisks (*) indicate a required field. If you do not know the answer or the question does not apply, enter ‘NA.’

Mentor Application
Race/Ethnicity *
What is your gender identity? *
(Optional) What are your preferred pronouns?
Are you able to travel independently? *
Have you served as a mentor in the past? *
Are you currently employed? *

Part 2: Expectations Agreement

Please read the following to understand the basic requirements of DJMC mentors:

  1. All mentors meet one-on-one with their mentees once a month for two hours. Mentor/mentee meet-ups will take place at a time convenient for both mentor and mentee.
  2. In addition to these one-on-one sessions, all DJMC mentees and mentors will gather for a group meeting once every month.
  3. All mentors commit to building a positive relationship with their mentee and the mentee’s key family members. Mentors can engage with mentee’s parents/guardians.
  4. Mentors are responsible for reporting on progress with their mentees.
  5. We match mentors and mentees based on what we think will be the best fit. This could be related to disability, race, gender, interests, all of the above, or none of the above.
  6. Access Living is required to conduct background checks on all mentors. All mentors will be interviewed and are required to undergo fingerprinting.
  7. All mentors will learn about and honor disability-positive language.
  8. All mentors will respectfully interact with others from all walks of life.
Signature form
I have read and understand the Access Living DJMC Expectations Agreement: *

Questions? Contact a member of our Youth Team.