Illinois Immigrants with Disabilities Survey Due Friday Nov. 13!


October 21, 2020 | by Amber Smock

Access Living friends and allies:

Survey for Illinois Immigrants with Disabilities

Responses due by Friday, November 13

The Disability and Immigration Taskforce of Illinois (DITI) is working to increase their understanding of the various issues facing immigrants with disabilities in Illinois. Access Living provides facilitation and logistical support for the DITI, and we are very proud to be a part of this work. Today, we would like to ask for your help to reach out to immigrants with disabilities in Illinois.

The DITI has created a survey for immigrants with disabilities who live in Illinois. While there is information available about immigrant groups and disability groups, it’s very hard to find data about immigrants who are also people with disabilities. The DITI survey covers topics such as housing, personal assistant needs, public charge, and more. The information collected will ONLY be utilized by the DITI to determine the needs of immigrants with disabilities and their support persons. The survey is available in five languages, as follows:

Four survey participants will win a $50 gift card through a drawing. Those interested in the gift card should provide an email or phone number; the contact information would not be used for any purpose except to contact drawing winners. However, participating in the drawing is not required. Again, survey participants should be immigrants with disabilities living in Illinois, or those who serve as support persons to immigrants with disabilities in Illinois.

As a reminder, there is a wide range of immigration statuses. For example, an immigrant may be a refugee, an asylee, a naturalized citizen, or undocumented. An immigrant could be someone who holds Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a visa for battered spouses/children/parents, a T or U visa for victims of human trafficking, or holds status for a range of other humanitarian reasons. They could be someone who has married a U.S. citizen, or someone who works for a U.S. company. See this link for an overview of immigration status types.

The DITI will use the survey results to create a document about self-reported issues facing immigrants with disabilities in Illinois. This will help all of us identify ways to increase opportunities and support for immigrants with disabilities in our state. We hope you will help support us by encouraging Illinois immigrants with disabilities to fill out the survey.

Please share widely within Illinois networks. Thank you for your advocacy.