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Access Living’s Advocacy Department, Independent Living Department and Legal Department collaborate together to create real options and freedom for self–determination for people with all kinds of disabilities. Our work creates systemic and community opportunities to protect and exercise our human rights.

You are invited and encouraged to get involved. Lend your voice and effort to initiatives that will support choice and independence for people with disabilities. There are a number of ways to participate.

Get Involved with Access Living’s Advocacy Work: Our Advocacy Department works to create real options and freedom for self-determination of people with all kinds of disabilities.

Become a member of Access: As a member you'll receive our newsletter, vote for the Board of Directors, attend our annual meeting and receive updates about issues concerning the disability community.

Removing Barriers: Be a part of the Removing Barriers Campaign. No matter who we are, each of us can play a part in removing barriers. The more barriers we remove, the more inclusive a community we create for people with and without disabilities.

Other ways to get Involved In Access Living’s Work

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Tell JCAR Members to vote against the proposed Home Services Overtime Policy

Action Alert: Contact Members of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. Tell them to vote against Governor Rauner’s Proposed Overtime Policy for the Home Services Program.

Threats to Medicaid in Congress -- Block Grants and Per Capita Caps

Action alert to fight back against threats to Medicaid Coverage

Urgent Action Alert to Congress: No to Obamacare Repeal, No to Medicaid Block Grants

Action Alert in support of the Affordable Care Act

Take steps to support Illinois Home Services during Veto Session

On Tuesday, November 29 and Wednesday, November 30, Access Living Representatives will be in Springfield Illinois for the Veto Session. A variety of legislation will be considered by Illinois Politicians, legislation that would have a significant impact on the independence and security of people with disabilities. Your help is needed to support the legislation.

Action Alert: Support Senate Bill 2680: Murphy Bills

An Action Alert calling for support of US Senate Bill 2680

Take Action on Illinois SB 2931 and SB 261

Action alert to support highes wages and overtime flexibility in the Home Services Program

Springfield Action Alerts

Action Alert from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy on SB 261, which would give Home Services Consumers the right to manage their own personal assistants, with no caps; a bill that would raise the wage of personal assistants to $15 an hour; a veto override for the DON Score Protection Bill; and more.

ction Alert: Veto Session, Fight for Developmental Disabilities and Senior Services

Action Alert from Access Living Advocacy Director Amber Smock. Today, Smock and others are in Springfield to support legislation that would strengthen community supports for seniors and people with disabilities.

Action Alert: Protect Home Services and Senior Services in Illinois

Action alert to support a veto override on Illinois House Bill 4351.

Action Alert: Home Services and HB 4351

Action Alert from Access Living Director of Advocacy regarding veto of HB 4351 and other issues.

Action Alert on Rideshare

An Action Alert on the Proposed Rideshare Ordinance in Chicago and an invitation for advocates to attend the June 22 Council Meeting at City Hall.

Action Alert: Ride Share Ordinance in City Council

Action Alert on City Council Ride Share Ordinance

Action Alert: Contact Illinois Senators Kirk and Durbin

Urge support for Independent Living Center Funding

An action alert to support an increase in funding for Centers for Independent Living

Call Governor Rauner Everyday!

Support Senate Bill 2038

An Action Alert calling on Illinois Advocates to call Governor Rauner and demand passage of Senate Bill 2038.

Support the Creation of a City Task Force on Employment of People with Disabilities

Take Action to support the creation of a City Task Force on Employment of People with Disabilities

Support the Beale Rideshare Ordinance

Take Action to support the Alderman Beale Rideshare Ordinance, which would require Transportation Network Providers to provide transportation to people who use wheelchairs, without outsourcing the ride.

New Illinois Overtime Guidelines now being enforced

The Illinois Guidelines on Overtime for the Home Services program went into effect on May 1.

Home Services Program Update

An update from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy on the overtime issue in the Home Services program. The overtime guidelines go into affect on May 1, and could devastate services for people in the program.

State Budget Action Alert: Where’s Our Pumpkin Pie?

A Letter Writing Campaign from the Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living targets Governor Rauner and State Legislators for their failure to pass a budget and support Centers for Independent Living.

Disability Advocacy Updates

Access Living and advocacy round up from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy, Amber Smock, sent April 8, 2016.