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Access Living receives thousands of calls a year from Chicagoans with disabilities desperate for housing. Despite existing legislation that gives people with disabilities the right to fair housing, the state of housing for people with disabilities inadequate and unacceptable.

Access Living’s Housing Policy Analyst, the Community Organizing Group DRACH, and Access Living Fair Housing staff pursue community education, organizing, policy/legislative efforts and legal action in order to expand housing opportunities for people with disabilities.

Access Living housing and disability advocacy efforts focuses on three core areas:

Affordability: Over 60% of people with disabilities in Cook County rely on SSI. Because rents for one-bedroom and studio apartments in Chicago exceed the amount of SSI monthly benefits, most people with disabilities are unable to afford market rate housing.

Accessibility: Over a third of apartments in Cook County are inaccessible for people who use wheelchairs. The demolition of public housing high rises has eliminated a lot of accessible housing for the poor and resulted in the building of inaccessible townhouses. Housing for all must include universal design and/or visitability.

Integration: Because of the lack of affordable housing, most people with disabilities live in state imposed segregated housing, such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 811 Program and other housing silos.
Adam Ballard
Manager of Community Organizing
Terence Simms
Housing Policy Analyst
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Initiate a case on Fair Housing or Nursing Home issues

Housing Discrimination Against People with Disabilities

Legal Outline

This outline discusses legal issues in detail and is designed for attorneys, advocates and organizations engaged in housing advocacy for people with disabilities. It may not be suitable for laypeople.
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Housing Rights Of People With Disabilities


Anti-discrimination laws that protect persons with disabilities, such as the Fair Housing Act, define the term " disability." To be protected under the law, a person's disability must fall within the law's definition. The U. S. Congress has estimated that 43 million Americans have a disability as defined by federal civil rights laws. Learn More
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The Right of Way

A Brochure For Housing Residents With Disabilities And Their Families

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