Health and Disability

Personal Assistant Health Care
Health and Disability Programs at Access Living are geared toward providing services and creating systems changes that gives people with disabilities the tools to live independently in homes of their own.

Access Living staff work on Health and Disability issues in these areas:

Long–Term Care Services provide resources and supports for people who want to leave a nursing home and live independently in the community

Community Organizing Work brings people with disabilities and personal attendants together to advocate for the right to home and community based services.

Policy Work addresses the need for fully accessible health care for people with disabilities to ensure that health care providers offer equipment and services that are culturally competent and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Staff also advocate on issues related to community integration, including Medicaid long–term care. Staff work to ensure that people with disabilities have the choice to receive supports and services in their own homes and communities rather than institutions.

Medicaid -- Illinois Redetermination Program

Information on the Illinois Medicaid Redetermination Program. The information was compiled by the ARC of Illinois Learn More