Colbert and Williams Outreach Worker


Position: Colbert and Williams Outreach Worker

Basic Function:

The primary function of the Colbert and Williams Outreach Worker (CWOW) is to promote integration and independent living philosophy for people with disabilities. This position is responsible for outreach and engagement of people with disabilities residing in Nursing Facilities (NFs) and Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facilities (SMHRFs) to inform them of their rights to seek transition services under both the Colbert and Williams Consent Decrees, and provide education about resources available to them should they wish to explore transition to a Community-Based Setting.

Specific Duties:

  • Conduct face-to-face meetings with consenting resident of Nursing Facilities (NF) and Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facilities (SMHRF) to encourage the residents to explore transition options.
  • Provide information to residents during the face-to-face meeting regarding housing options, available services and supports, and other transition information.
  • Provide literature and brochures about services available through Colbert and Williams decrees.
  • When appropriate engage family members and/or guardians in discussions about transition from NF or SMHRF to the least restrictive community based setting, providing information, and addressing family/guardian concerns about the process.
  • For those residents who express an interest in transition, obtain consent for evaluation.
  • Build rapport and develop partnerships with facility staff and other community partners to create residents access and engagement.
  • Convene community meetings and/or community forums in the NFs or SMHRFs to share information on transition options with larger audiences.
  • Document the outcome of each outreach interaction with residents.
  • Properly complete required documentation and enter data into internal and external online databases on timely basis.
  • Provide regular weekly updates, complete monthly and quarterly reports when necessary.
  • To act as spokesperson for Access Living, and Colbert and Williams consent decrees.
  • To complete other duties as assigned

Education and Training:

BA/BS preferred. Education/training in services available for people with disabilities. Computer skills required: Data entry, Microsoft Office programs or equivalents.


Exceptional customer service skills and ability to interact with a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders; Experience (personal or professional) working with people with disabilities; Firsthand knowledge of disability preferred. Strong communication skills and proven ability to connect with a wide range of individuals; Individuals with lived recovery experience and/or individuals who have successfully transitioned from a SMHRF or NF to a Community-Based Setting are highly encouraged to apply.

Travel Demands:

The CWOW must have the ability to travel throughout Cook County to various NFs and SMHRFs. Valid driver’s license and vehicle preferred.

Equipment Operated:

Computers, fax machine

Working Environment:

The CWOW will spend the majority of their work time in Cook County NFs and SMHRFs. Office-related work is performed at Access Living’s headquarters. Work area is a shared work space divided by cubicles. Verbal communication can be heard from other staff in adjoining cubicles.


$39,000 – $42,500

Other Information:

Number of Employees Directly Supervised:


Supervised by:

Manager of Community Reintegration

How to Apply:

To apply, email a cover letter and resume to both Gloria Esquivel at

Resumes are accepted until positions are filled.