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Transportation Delayed is Transportation Denied:

Report of On-time Performance in Pace’s City of Chicago Paratransit Service

On September 27, 2016, staff from Access Living and IMPRUVE, an association of paratransit riders, met with Pace officials to discuss the observed problems in the paratransit service. Pace generously offered to share individual rider data to help illustrate the actual ontime performance situation. Pace also shared their on-time performance rates. At that time, Pace shared reports from January through April of 2016. Pace’s on-time performance rate for that period was reportedly 87.5%. The discrepancy between rider experience and these reported rates convinced us to conduct our own surveys and compile this study.

Become Job Ready and Gain Advocacy Skills in Just 10 Weeks

Free Trainings at Progress Center for Independent Living

Job Readiness Trainings and Legislative Advocacy Trainings at Progress Center

Personal Assistant Training

Once a month at Access Living

Information about Access Living Personal Assistant Referral Training.

Disabled Americans Want Work Now (DAWWN)

4th Thursday of each month from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

At this time, DAWWN is not meeting. For employment related work at Access Living, contact the office about the Job Empowerment Club.
DAWWN fights for employment rights related to vocational rehabilitation and other employment programs.

Stepping Stones

A peer support group for people with disabilities who have just moved out of institutions and into their own homes through the Access Living Community Reintegration program.

Cross Disability Support Group

The Cross Disability Support group at Access Living provides a forum for mutual acceptance, understanding and self-discovery. Through peer support, people with disabilities can find a safe place to get together to share their concerns and solve problems about everyday issues that affect their lives.

The Disability Rights Action Coalition for Housing, (DRACH)


A monthly meeting of housing advocates who work to enforce and implement the housing rights of people with disabilities.
The group meets the second Tuesday and fourth Thursday of each month.

Task Force on Attendant Services

Task Force on Attendant Services (TFAS, pronounced “tough ass”) : People with disabilities and personal attendants mobilize together for the right to home and community based services.