Independent Living Skills Training

Decide Your Own Life

Independent Living and Peer Support
Access Living's Youth Independent Living Services
Access Living recognizes that today's youth with disabilities are tomorrow's disability rights leaders. Our Independent Living Skills Training's and programs are designed equip people with skills to live independently and to develop new leaders in the Disability Rights movement who:

• Take pride in themselves and their accomplishments;

• Find options and meaningful choices to live, learn and work in their communities;

• Develop self–advocacy skills to fight discrimination; and

• Develop skills and opportunities to have a voice in decisions that affect them

Outreach to youth with disabilities in middle school

Access Living’s Youth Advocate visits middle school and works with students around issues such as: identify, inclusion and resources.Learn More
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Reaching Our Dreams

Independent Living Skills training program empowers youth to live independently

Reaching Our Dreams is a new program that helps young people with disabilities develop skills that will enable them to become independent and more active in their futureLearn More

Sex Resource Guide for People with Disabilities

Sex Resource Guide for People with DisabilitiesLearn More