Core Services Offered by Access Living

Access Living focuses on vital issues that directly affect the quality of life for all people with disabilities. While we provide practical, direct support and services to thousands of Chicagoans with disabilities each year, our crucial work also reaches a broader national constituency through our aggressive advocacy and public policy efforts.

Access Living Programs offer these core services:

Information and Referral
Information about any disability–related subject, and referral to other resources when needed

Ongoing direct, nonviolent action in support of disability rights, at the individual, community and national level

Independent Living Skills

Real–life training on practical know–how for living independently, from budgeting to traveling, from personal assistant management to job seeking, and more.

Peer Counseling
Real problem–solving skills and support for all kinds of issues, with other people with disabilities who understand exactly what it's like.

Access Living's goals underscore our commitment to ensure that people with disabilities are able to equally and fully take part in all aspects of community life. Everything we do is intended to:

Strengthen our mandated core services: information & referral, independent living skills training, peer counseling, and advocacy

Focus on leadership development for people with disabilities

Increase our influence in the political arena in a non–partisan way

Become more effective and innovative as a resource and advocate to move people with disabilities toward economic empowerment and independence

Enhance our organizational capacity and commitment to reaching underserved populations

Take the lead to assure full compliance with provisions of the U.S. Supreme Court's Olmstead decision throughout Illinois