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Access Living is always looking for new members who want to be involved in the disability movement. Here is information about Access Living Membership. As a member, you can:

1. Be part of the Access Living Community and support the rights of people with disabilities. Access Living recognizes the innate rights, abilities, needs and diversity of people with disabilities, works toward their full integration into community life and serves as an agent of social change.

2. Be invited to participate in Access Living events, such as our Annual Meeting each December

3. Take part in campaigns to increase opportunities for people with disabilities

4. Receive our newsletter and advocacy alerts

5. Vote for our Board of Directors

Becoming a member is free, but we are always accepting donations of whatever amount you can give.( If you’d like to make a donation, visit this link ) Below you will find our online membership form. At the right, you can also find the digital file if you would like to print out the form on paper and mail it to us. If you would like assistance with the form, please contact Access Living and someone will help with the process.
Scott Nance
Disability Resource Coordinator

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