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Take Action Now on Access Living’s latest advocacy campaign.

Access Living’s Advocacy Department, Independent Living Department and Legal Department collaborate together to create real options and freedom for self–determination for people with all kinds of disabilities. Our work creates systemic and community opportunities to protect and exercise our human rights.

Support advocacy initiatives of Access Living and the Disability Community. Lend your voice and effort to initiatives that will support choice and independence for people with disabilities.

Listed below is a catalogue of Access Living Action Alerts.
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Action Alert!- Contact Illinois legislators and Governor

Stop cuts to services that support people with disabilities

Many legislators are still working to understand why we are fight so hard against budget cuts to services for people with disabilities. This week, your legislators are working from their home offices. Please give them a call and ask them to stop budget cuts to services that support people with disabilities.

Action Alert! - Push for Closure of Jacksonville and Mabley Developmental Centers

On October 27 in the morning, the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability (COGFA) will vote on whether to close the Mabley and Jacksonville Centers for People with Developmental Disabilities.

Action Alert -- Act Now to Support Olmstead

Washington State Governor posses a threat to 1999 Supreme Court Olmstead Decision. Contact her office today. Send the message to support choice and independence for people with disabilities.

Action Alert -- Protect Olmstead. Contact Governor Gregoire today!

Today, October 22, Washington State Governor Gregoire will announce if she is appealing to the Supreme Court MR v. Dreyfus. Contact her office this morning. Urge her not to appeal.

Action Alert -- call now to build support for #CRPD

Monday, December 3 is the International Day of People with Disabilities. This is the last full day to contact Senators to build support for the treaty on the rights of people with disabilities

Advocacy -- Take Action Now

Fight for Independence

Support advocacy initiatives of Access Living and the Disability Community.

Immediate action needed to fight for hearing aid insurance!

House Bill 1231 will be heard in the Illinois House Insurance Committee at 3 pm in Springfield on Wednesday, February 20 in Capitol Room 114.

Take Action for Wheelchair Repairs and Equipment in Illinois

Action alert around Illinois Legislation to protect people with disabilities who receive Medicaid and who use wheelchairs

Fight for State Funded Disability Programs!

Throughout the Spring Legislative Session, Access Living will call on advocates to contact state politicians and urge their support for programs that empower the independence and self determination of people with disabilities. This blog piece calls for support of the Home Services Program, the Community Care Program, Centers for Independent Living, and the Community Reintegration Program

The Springfield Connection-- Take Action

On April 17, Access Living returned to Springfield. This time, 22 advocates traveled to the State Capitol to meet with legislators to advocate for legislation and programs that support people with disabilities and seniors living in their own homes in the community.

Oppose HR 273. Close Murray Developmental Center

Advocates are rallying to oppose HR 273, a House Resolution drafted to stop the closure of a state institution. Everyone is urged to oppose 273 and support the independence and empowerment of people with disabilities
Housing Rights document Image

Support is needed to pass an amendment to the Cook Country Human Rights Ordinance

Tomorrow, the Cook County Board will vote on an amendment to the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance. This amendment will extend protections to people who hold housing vouchers. Your support is needed to ensure the amendment passes.

Action Need to stop expansion of Illinois nursing facilities for people with mental illness

Contact the Illinois’ House Human Services Committee. Ask them to not let nursing homes continue to warehouse people with mental illness

Demand that Illinois legislators support institution closure and the rebalancing effort

Push your legislators to support community integration and continue with institution closure in Illinois.

Urgent Alert on UN International Treaty

On July 10, Senator Hatch of Utah spoke against the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

In support of Disability Treaty, call Senate Foreign Relations Committee Today!

Today in Washington, DC, the United States International Council on Disability, the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, and the National Council on Independent Living will lead a march and rally in support of the Disability Treaty. Advocates around the country can help by making phone calls.

On the ADA Anniversary: Call to Action from National Leadership

On the 23rd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, NDLA released a call-to-action related to disability rights issues and concerns.

People with disabilities rally at DHS -- Call for more control over programs that impact their lives

Take Action to Protect Consumer-Controlled Home Services!

Access Alert on DOL Companionship Rules from Access Living’s Manager of Community Organizing.

Stop the Nomination of Bob Brown to NCD

An Action Alert from Access Living Director of Advocacy, Amber Smock regarding the nomination of Robert Brown to the National Council on Disability
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