Success Stories

Access Living Success Stories

A Place to Call Home

By Kevin Cosgrove

Profile of Michael Grice, who recently transitioned out of a nursing home Learn More

Access Living Helps Couple Find Freedom from Nursing Homes

By Kevin Cosgrove

Ira Perry and Kimberly Martin met at a nursing home. But that was, perhaps, the only good thing that came out of the experience of living there.

Learn More

Access Living’s 2016 “Lead On!” Gala

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Access Living’s 2016 “Lead On!” Gala was on June 16 at Navy Pier. The event was attended by 574 people and raised $857,000. Learn More

Clear Passage

My building has a policy that prohibits pets from entering or exiting through the main lobby. Because of this, building management ordered me to enter and exit through the garage with my support dog, Kalani.Learn More

Safety Net

David Taylor’s Personal Assistant Story

David Taylor’s personal assistant never returned to work after vacation and never bothered to call, he lost more than an employee. With no personal assistant around to help with day- to-day tasks such as cooking, cleaning, bathing and dressing, Taylor lost a vital link to his independence.Learn More

Success Story - What dreams may come

Homeownership becomes a reality

In Chicago, just as in other cities around the country, most of us pay rent month after month with the hope that someday we will have a place to call our own. Lately, with economic challenges and news of precarious lending practices, homeownership is becoming ever more of a challenge. But in 2007, Mindy Joy Mayer and PamElla Fettig achieved the dream of owning their own home.Learn More

Success Story -- Fighting the good fight

Michael Sanjurjo wasn’t lookingfor a fight. Soon after acquiring his disability, Sanjurjo approached his condominium association about installing a ramp. He wanted equal access to the building – access that was his right under the law.Learn More

Takita Hightie puts family first

Celebrate Mother’s with Disabilities

In honor of Mother’s Day, Access Living celebrates the accomplishments of mothers with disabilities, including Takita HightieLearn More