Morgan P. Davis

Morgan P. Davis is the Fair Housing Policy Director of the Oak Park Regional Housing Center, leading their policy development, advocacy, and communications efforts. She conducts research and analysis, including reports on analysis of impediments to fair housing, racial disparities in housing, patterns of segregation, the geography of opportunity, and best practices to affirmatively further fair housing. She is also the Managing Editor and Food & Culture contributor of The Oak Parker Magazine, a publication that is the distinctive voice on the history, culture, and diverse lifestyles that shape the Oak Park community.

Morgan joined the Access Living Young Professional Council in order to advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities. ”I would like our society to recognize that all people, regardless of disability, have worth and dignity. People with disabilities have basic human needs that are no different from those of all people and have the right to be included in all aspects of our community.”

Morgan received a Master of Public Policy & Administration focusing on Urban Policy at Northwestern University and a B.A. in Sociology and Urban Studies from Calvin College. She is currently the Events & Marketing Co–Chair for the Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance. In her spare time, Morgan enjoys being a flutist, photography, and urban design.