Community Reintegration - Long Term Care

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Community Reintegration staff fight for and provide services to people with disabilities to live in the community. We have many programs to make sure independent living happens for people who live in institutions now and who want to live on their own terms, in a place called home.

Community Reintegration staff work to:

End the unnecessary institutionalization of people with disabilities, and improve and expand services and programs that allow people with disabilities to live independently.

Community Reintegration Programs at Access Living include:

The Deinstitutionalization Program –– enables people with disabilities in nursing homes to transition into the community. The program helps people with disabilities find accessible, affordable housing in integrated communities and provides for basic needs to set up a household, including personal assistant services.

The Personal Assistant Program Personal Assistants provide a vital link to independence for people with disabilities. Access Living trains people who want to be Personal Assistants and keeps a data base of Personal Assistants that is available to people with disabilities (consumers) who want to hire some one for home care services.

The Emergency Back – Up Personal Assistant Program The Back Up PA Service was created to address certain emergency personal assistance needs during the hours of 6 a.m. to 12 noon by dispatching a Certified Nursing Assistant to help the consumer with getting out of bed, eating, toileting and a other urgent needs.

Stepping Stones –– a peer support group for people who are ready to move out or who have moved out of a nursing home