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Access Living Entrance
Building Entrance
Several levels of drop-off ramps at curbside and the outside sidewalk ease movement. The doorway had to be automatic and at street-level. The automatic double doors have an air curtain in the vestibule for energy efficiency  
Access Living Waiting Area
Building Lobby
Ten percent of the building materials incorporate post-consumer recycled materials, and five percent of the building materials incorporate post-industrial recycled materials.
Access Living Conference Room
Conference Center
Rooms will be sized to allow convenient circulation for people using wheelchairs.State-of-the-art assistive listening systems will be provided in all meeting and conference rooms.
Access Living Atrium
Located on the Second Floor
Access Living Receptionist Desk
Front Desk
40% of the of the materials traveled less than 500 Miles to make it to the building site.
Access Living Work Stations
Work Stations use a modular design that employees can adjust to fit their needs. Built from recycled items, the cubicles are standard, not customized.