The First Nest

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First Nest, William A. Newman - Embedded
The First Nest
Oil on Wood, 13” x 30”
This is an art piece that still requires support to become a part of Access Livings permanent collect. To help support this artist please contact Riva Lehrer at her information below.

“The First Nest” was created after Newman installed a ship’s portal in his shower, in his rural Silver Springs home. Newman takes a long time to shower, and wanted something to look at while bathing. Birds eventually found this portal and built a nest in its shelter. Newman videotaped the life cycle of the nest: construction, the laying of eggs, the emergence of chicks, and their growth till the last chick flew away. The project took nearly a year. Newman edited the tapes to create a short documentary of these birds’ lives, then selected ten frames to serve as the reference for a series of nest paintings that trace the story. “First Nest” is the beginning of the series. Its luminous, underwater colors make the nest itself a mysterious, living thing.
Riva Lehrer