Citrine MRI

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Citrine MRI, Jessica Kincaid - Embedded
Citrine MRI
12” x 12”
2005 - Glass Beads & Silk Thread
This is an art piece that still requires support to become a part of Access Livings permanent collect. To help support this artist please contact Riva Lehrer at her information below.

We usually think of X-rays, MRIs, and PET and CAT scans as medical necessities, not beautiful objects. Yet some artists find the brilliant colors and mysterious shadows of radiology to have both meaning and aesthetic content. Kincaid was diagnosed with epilepsy in 1991 and has used her own radiological studies, combined with the visual phenomena that accompany seizures, to make sensually appealing beaded art.

Functional MRIs are used to examine how the brain reacts under various forms of stimulation. The lesions of epilepsy show up as bright islands or small stars in the sky. Kincaid depicts her brain as full of luscious waves of color and light—jewel-like portraits of an individual mind.
Riva Lehrer