The Empowered Fe Fes Rock Detroit

In late June, six members of the Empowered Fe Fes, a group of young women with disabilities who share experiences and collaborate on projects designed to raise awareness, took their message of empowerment outside of Chicago. The group traveled to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference, a conference for media makers for social justice, where they screened two Fe Fe Videos, Why you gotta do me like that? The Fe Fes Take on Bullying, and Doin It: Sex, Disability and Videotape. The Fe Fes presented the award-winning films to an audience of about 50 media activists, then answered questions about disability activism, discrimination against people with disabilities, and their process for making videos.

Detroit was a trip of many first. For most of the Fe Fes, the conference was their first time on a trip without their parents, first time speaking in public and networking with activists, first time managing a personal assistant, and first time out in the “night life.”

In addition to screening the videos at the conference, the Fe Fes also engaged youth organizations in an original interactive game about discrimination in their lives called “Act Right,” an activity the Fe Fes created themselves. The game was a hit.

Another Conference highlight was a discussion session for women of color with disabilities sponsored by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence. During the discussion, the Fe Fes met with women who are pushing for activists to see that disability oppression is tied up with race, class and gender oppression.

The Fe Fes returned from Detroit with renewed energy and ideas for their work. Watch out for their next big event in August – Treat Her Like A Lady: a Bake Sale and Conversation with Male Allies.