New report provides comprehensive look at housing for people with disabilities.

On Tuesday, February 23, The National Council on Disability (NCD), University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and Access Living launched the release of the comprehensive housing report, “The State of Housing in America in the 21st Century: A Disability Perspective.” The report offers a thorough overview of housing and answers important questions about the current housing options for people with disabilities living in the United States.

The NCD report is one of the most comprehensive national studies of housing for people with disabilities. NCD, UIC and Access Living will use the report to implement new strategies to open up housing opportunities for people with disabilities.

The publication includes detailed reports in areas of affordable, accessible and integrated housing:

Federal Evaluation—A comprehensive evaluative study of public sector housing

Private and Nonprofit Sector Housing Promising practices in the nonprofit and private sector.

Mental Health Issues Housing for People with Psychiatric Disabilities—An evaluation of housing issues related to people with psychiatric disabilities.

Homeland Security and Emergency Housing Evaluation—An evaluation of housing and disaster relief

State Evaluation—An examination of States' development of affordable, available, accessible, and integrated community housing options for people with disabilities.