LIFE Center

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

In 2001, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) set out to build a consumer resource center located on the first floor of its flagship hospital at 345 East Superior Street in Chicago, Illinois and also provide virtual access to its resource collection through a web site. Think of the Center as a cozy bookstore where all resources are related to persons with disabilities and their families.

The design of the LIFE Center evolved from a thorough Resource Needs Assessment Study that included a series of interviews and focus groups with patients, families, caregivers, staff, and volunteers. More than 200 persons expressed their opinions about information and resources that they felt would be helpful to them, to their loved loves, or to people who have disabilities. The results of this study helped guide the design and construction of the Center, the topics highlighted in our web site, and the CenterÕs services and programs.

The study also validated the need to embrace a holistic approach and provide access to information that spans the lifetime needs of persons with disabilities and their families. To this end, all Center resources are organized according to 8 topic areas:

Medical Information & Care
Caregiving & Equipment
Housing & Transportation
Education & Employment
Support & Wellness
Recreation & Leisure
Finance & Law
Inspiration & Hope

It is our hope that access to this information will assist persons with disabilities and their families in developing their capabilities to their fullest potential.