Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities

MOPD provides a variety of employment services for people with disabilities and employers including training resources, job search assistance and workshops on disability awareness and workplace accommodations.

On October 20, 1990, Mayor Richard M. Daley created the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) to better meet the diverse needs of the more than 600,000 individuals with disabilities who live and work in Chicago. MOPD’s goal is to make Chicago the most accessible city in the nation.

MOPD promotes total access, full participation and equal opportunity for people with disabilities of all ages in all aspects of life. It seeks to accomplish this mission through a multi-faceted approach that includes systemic change, education and training, advocacy and direct services.

MOPD promotes an understanding of the issues of concern to people with disabilities and assists both individuals and organizations in working to comply with a variety of laws and regulations relating to disability, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

MOPD serves five major constituencies: people with disabilities, all city departments and agencies, other government agencies, disability-related agencies and organizations and the private sector.

MOPD’s services and programs include:

Disability Resources:
Information & Referral, Independent Living Programs, Case Management Services, Assistive Technology Program, Homemaker & Personal Assistance Services, Emergency Home-Delivered Meals.

Employment Services:
Employment Counseling and Training to Job Seekers, Consultation and Technical Assistance to Employers, Social Security Administration Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach for work incentives programs.

Independent Living Skills, Disability Etiquette, Teletypewriter (TTY) Training, Recreation Programs.

Architectural Services:
Site Surveys, Technical Assistance, Consultation and Plan Review, Information about Accessibility Laws.
Public Information and Education: Disability Awareness, Special Events, Workshops and Seminars, Publications, Community Outreach.

Youth Programs:
Disabled Youth Peer Development Initiative (DYPDI), Substance Abuse/AIDS Prevention Program for the Hearing Impaired (SAAPPHI).

MOPD plays a ket role in the development and implementation of the City of Chicago's disabilityworks employment initiative. The cornerstone of the disabilityworks initiative is the Mayoral Task Force on Employment of People with Disabilities, the first of its kind municipal Task Force devoted to bringing more people with disabilities into the workforce. The initiative also includes other MOPD-sponsored programs and events implemented under this initiative, including a Social Security Administration funded Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach program, Mayor Daley's Employment Fair for People with Disabilities and Chicago's participation in National Disability Mentoring Day.

For more information, contact MOPD at 312-744-7050(Voice) or 312-744-4964(TTY).