Jewish Vocational Services of Chicago -Disability Program

Founded in 1884 as a resource for Eastern European immigrants, Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) is a dynamic agency delivering a comprehensive selection of non-sectarian employment and training services. JVS helps a diverse population explore career choices and find jobs in a rapidly changing marketplace. People who benefit include executives and middle managers, entrepreneurs, women returning to the workforce, young professionals, students seeking college counseling or scholarship assistance, refugees, persons with disabilities and the economically disadvantaged. JVS helps more than 10,000 people annually match their skills to professional and business opportunities through a network of Chicago area employers.

What sets an organization apart? What qualities and services enable an organization to evolve and prosper through economic and social change, technological advancement and globalization? If the answer is personalized service, sensitivity to individual career aspirations, and ongoing support and education to build self-esteem and competency, welcome to Chicago’s JVS. Our enduring goal is to give people the tools to be self-sufficient and competitive, enabling them to realize the American dream.