Statement of Access Living in Response to White Supremacist Events in Charlottesville, VA

At Access Living we strive to go about our work in the disability movement each day conscious that white privilege and white supremacy have long affected our collective society as a nation. We continue to evolve in our efforts to stand up for racial justice, and ensure that people of color are at the center of our fight.
The gathering of white supremacists, anti-Semites and fascists in Charlottesville, Virginia for a hate rally this weekend has resulted in at least one death, multiple injuries, and widespread outrage.
We, along with our allies in social justice, grieve for the dead while hoping for the best for those injured. We condemn the racism and anti-Semitism on parade. The people of Charlottesville are in our thoughts as their city has become the site of these terrorist incidents.
At Access Living, we know that we are each responsible for helping to create a world that is inclusive and accessible. Disabled people have long known what it means to be targeted because of our disabilities. In particular, people of color and members of other marginal groups, who happen to have disabilities, are more likely to be targeted. We must lift one another up against threats to our very lives.
We are here not only to work for disability justice, but for justice for all. We know that this is a long fight, but we remain committed and invite you to join us in solidarity.
Amber Smock
Director of Advocacy