Urgent Action Alerts on Healthcare, ADA, Education

Below please find information and action alerts on two issues -- 1. HR 620 2. Medicaid The information below includes action alerts and tool kits developed by other organizations in the disability community. The note below was developed by Access Living’s Director of Advocacy -- Amber Smock.

Dear Access Living friends and allies,

Today, disability advocates are kicking into warp speed with not one, not two, but THREE urgent action alerts.  Yes, we need your help today with three different things. One is about fighting attacks on the ADA, one is about fighting attacks to healthcare, and one is about fighting attacks to education. We've broken them down for you as follows.
FIGHT ATTACKS ON THE ADA: HR 620, the "ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017," is a bill that could damage the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III. The bill was designed to stop "drive-by ADA lawsuits" that suck money out of small businesses, but the bill doesn't actually stop those lawsuits. Instead, it forces people with disabilities to wait six months to actually move to ask businesses to become more accessible, and makes the notification process extremely specific. HR 620 would basically diminish the ADA as a tool we can use to work with businesses to increase access. HR 620 is in the US House and can be called at any time this month.
Take action via e-mail at this link:  http://bit.ly/2fclPOC  
Learn more at this link:  https://dredf.org/hr620/  
Hashtags for social media use: #StopHR620#27YearsTooLong
FIGHT ATTACKS ON HEALTHCARE: The Graham-Cassidy-Heller amendment is the latest version of an Obamacare repeal/replace bill, now live in the US Senate. It contains all the bad stuff we saw before: per capita caps in Medicaid, permission to eliminate essential health benefits, and more. We need Congress to work together in "regular order" to develop a health care solution for us all, not this terrible secret process that ruins our access to healthcare and supports. We, the disability community, fought hard all this year to defeat different versions of what is called a budget reconciliation bill, and its amendments. A budget reconciliation bill can pass the Senate with just 51 votes, but that expires at end of day September 30, when the rules will revert to normal rules for major legislation and require 60 votes. Republican leadership in the Senate thinks it can get 51 votes for the Graham-Cassidy-Heller amendment, but it won't get 60. So we must stop this amendment NOW by getting key Republicans to oppose the bill. How to take action?
Check out the Autistic Self Advocacy Network's lovely toolkit at  http://bit.ly/2yfQ3oH .
A fast email action link is at  http://bit.ly/2xH4Rzv .
Hashtags for social media use: #SaveMedicaid #SaveACA
FIGHT ATTACKS ON EDUCATION: A problem that is taking place at the U.S. Department of Education (but not in Congress) is an effort to destroy federal rules that protect the education of students with disabilities. These are 154 regulations affecting the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Competitive Integrated Employment in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and the Pre-Employment Transition Services in WIOA. Public comment is needed by Wednesday September 20, and the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) has set up an action alert to help you state your opposition to the destruction of these rules.
See this link  http://bit.ly/2wkjici  to take action and let the U.S. Department of Education know that damaging the rights of students with disabilities is unacceptable.
Let's go advocates! Make it a busy, busy, busy Monday in DC.
Amber Smock
Director of Advocacy, Access Living