Electronic Document Specialist

Department - Finance and Administration


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Position Title:
Electronic Document Specialist Date: 10/2/2018

Department: Finance & Administration

BASIC FUNCTION: Summarize position's purpose

The Electronic Document Specialist is responsible for maintaining Access Living’s electronic document management system (EDMS).

SPECIFIC DUTIES: Describe responsibilities and tasks

· Scans and indexes client files submitted by IL Department
· Follows system for archiving documents into EDMS including providing updates on file status
to appropriate IL staff
· Provides thoughtful insight regarding EDMS process improvements
· Coordinates destruction of paper documents after scanning is complete and data is verified
· Work closely with Data Integrity Coordinator to insure accurate and complete consumer files
are maintained
· Other duties as assigned
· Other duties as assigned
EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Minimum educational background required

High School Diploma. Prior database experience and/or knowledge of basic programming preferred. Proficiency in general office computer software (e.g., Word or WordPerfect) required.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Nature and extent of standing, stooping, lifting and walking

Filing which may require standing & stooping.

EQUIPMENT OPERATED: Specific equipment, machines, devises and work aids

PC, printer, scanner, copier.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Identify work area and any of its unpleasant elements

Access Living shared office spaces.


Director of Finance and Administration