Board of Directors Page

Welcome to the Board of Directors Page, a tool for Access Living Board of Directors to locate board resources, including agenda, minutes, contact information, and information about relevant issues and policies.

Information about Access Living:

2015-About Access Living -- About Access Living

2015-Access Living Organizational chart -- Organizational Chart

2015-AL Strategic Directions -- Strategic Directions and Goals Narratives

2015-Policy and Organizing Priorities -- Policy and Organizing Priorities

General Board Information:

2015-New Board Member Orientation -- New Board Member Orientation Agenda

2015-AL Board Member Roles and Responsibilities -- Roles and Responsibilities

2015-BoardBylaws -- Board Bylaws

2015 Board of Directors Information:

Minutes of October 30, 2013 Board Meeting

January 29, 2014: Minutes of January 29, 2014 Board Meeting

Minutes of the 2015-Minutes 4 16 2014

2015 Committee Calendar

Board of Directors Committee Assignments