This Action Alert went out on April 13. While the U.S. Congress was in recess, disability advocates kept up the pressure to defend Medicaid and Community-based services from threats of the American Health Care Act. Though the Republican healthcare bill was pulled in March, it is expected to be reintroduced at some point.

Here is a note from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy:

Especially if you have not taken action this week, please do so today. Use this easy link to send a message to your U.S. House Representative to explain that the American Health Care Act does the following:

---Per capita caps will result in Medicaid reductions that will force states to eliminate programs people with disabilities need to access home and community based services (HCBS)

---As HCBS are cut, over half a million people with developmental disabilities will remain on waiting lists for those services, their future uncertain

---As HCBS are cut, those who have the services will be forced into nursing facilities and institutions, ironically costing more to cover

---Eliminating the Essential Health Benefits in state marketplace plans will mean we can't access rehab services and equipment like wheelchairs, not to mention lack of access to emergency services, hospitalization, and therapy

---Eliminating the Community Rating in state marketplace plans will render the protection for people with pre-existing conditions meaningless, because insurance won't be required to cover what we need