AHCA Bill Fails in House

Message from Access Living Director of Advocacy about March 24, 2017 action on American Health Care Act.

We are pleased to report that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) has been pulled from the U.S. House, effectively killing the effort to attack Medicaid and other insurance provisions that empower people with disabilities and seniors to live our own lives in the community, with access to healthcare. While our health system is not perfect, we are glad that the result of the struggle in the U.S. House means that for now, the AHCA will not become the law of the land.

We THANK our elected officials who fought to oppose this bill, and urge ALL our elected officials to work together to ensure that healthcare is accessible and affordable for ALL.

A massive kudos to every in every Congressional district across our country who took action to defend our freedom to live in the community and access healthcare. An incredible effort across the states and in DC with so many coalitions and leaders. FREE OUR PEOPLE! LEAD ON!

Amber Smock