Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Advocacy National Webinar

On January 17, a number of disability groups (see listing below) hosted a national webinar about the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and efforts the disability community is taking to fight back against the legislative threats to Medicaid funding, and the threat of Affordable Care Act Repeal.

Below is the power point of the webinar, the webinar transcription, and a listing of handouts and resources that were presented as part of the webinar.



Transcript of the Webinar Closed Captioning: Download Here - 2017-January-17-Medicaid-Webinar-Capitioning

PDF Version of Webinar Power Point: Download Here - 2017-January-17-Medicaid-Webinar-PowerPoint-PDF-Version

Word Version of Webinar Power Point: Download Here -- 2017-January-17-Medicaid-Webinar-Power-Point-Word-Version

Link to Audio Recording: Download Here

Supporting Documents:

Per Capita Caps versus Block Grants, PDF File: Download Here - 2017-January-17-Medicaid-Webinar-PerCapitaCapsVsBlockGrants-pdfversion

Fact Sheet on the Affordable Care Act: Download Here -- 2017-January-17-Medicaid-Webinar-CCD Fact Sheet on ACA

National Health Law Program - Protect Medicaid Funding: Download Here -- 2017-January-17-Medicaid-Webinar-National Health Law Project - Protect Medicaid Funding

CBPP Medicaid block grant impact-PDF-File: Download here -- 2017-January-17-Medicaid-Webinar-CBPP Medicaid block grant impact-PDF-File

OpEd Template

If you would like support writing an op-ed to your local media, Steve Gold wrote a terrific op-ed in Pennsylvania that can be used as a template for your state. E-mail him at to follow up. Steve can help you get the right data. His original Op Ed Piece is at this link

Webinar Hosts

These are the groups that hosted the webinar --

National Disability Leadership Alliance (NDLA)
NDLA Organizers Forum
ADA Legacy Project – DisBeat
Access Living (Chicago)
Great Lakes ADA Center (Chicago)

Amber Smock
Director of Advocacy