Next Stepping Stones Peer Support Group begins December 13

Group photo from the latest Stepping Stones Graduates.
The latest group of Stepping Stones students graduated on November 29th. They celebrated the completion of the 11-week peer guided class that equips people with disabilities with skills that will support their transition from a nursing home to independence. Over about three months, the group meets once a week and focuses on issues such as: Disability Pride, Budgeting, Healthcare, Computer Skills, and community supports and services. Doris Buchanan is one of 11 class members who graduated on November 29. “It was a great program,” said Doris, who particularly like the three classes the group learning to use and navigate computers. Doris moved out of a Morgan Park Nursing Home through the Colbert Community Integration Program in September 2016. “I learned a lot of things,” Doris said. “All the things I learned were important things I needed to know.” Doris now lives independently in Evergreen Park.

Lorrena Thomas took her first Stepping Stone Class in September 2015. After one year and seven months, she moved out of a nursing home in July of 2016. She joined the latest Stepping Stones group as a Peer Mentor, supporting the students. “It’s great,” Lorrena said, speaking about Stepping Stones. “They (The Access Living Stepping Stones Program) get you ready to deal with being free. They help you with a lot of things that you think you know, but you don’t know until you get there.”

The next Stepping Stones Class begins on December 13th. If you are interested, or if you know someone that is transitioning out of a nursing home who may be interested, please contact Aziza Nassar at

People who complete the 11-week class will graduate with a certification that they may use for professional development. Access Living offers travel vouchers and refreshments to all participants.