Media Alert: November 29 -- Community urges passage of bill to overtime cuts to Illinois Home Services Program

Rep. Lou Lang, People With Disabilities Urge Passage of Bill to Stop Rauner Overtime Cuts to Care, Preserve Independence

SPRINGFIELD-Deputy Majority Leader Lou Lang will be joined by people with disabilities and their advocates following a 1:30 p.m. hearing Tuesday, Nov. 29, before the Human Services Appropriations Committee on Senate Bill 261, which is aimed at stopping the disastrous Rauner overtime caps that are fundamentally altering the delivery of home healthcare to consumers.

SB 261 passed out of the Senate on Nov. 16. A House vote on the bill is possible as early as this week.

At issue is the Rauner administration’s decision earlier this year to use new federal overtime rules as a tool to cap overtime hours for people with disabilities in the Home Services Program (HSP) and to terminate caregivers who violated a “three-strikes-and-you’re out” policy. After a painful three months, in which consumers were placed in harm’s way and scrambled to comply with the unlawful policy, the administration suspended it, but is now pursuing the same rules via an administrative process that is ongoing.

Hundreds of people with disabilities and advocates across the state, as well as Department of Human Services employees charged with enforcing the policy, have testified to the harm being caused.

The central focus of the Home Services Program is the independence of consumers to hire whom they choose to care for them-a principle totally eroded by the Rauner moves.

WHAT: Media Availability to Discuss Senate Bill 261, Legislation to Stop Rauner Overtime Cuts to Home Healthcare for People With Disabilities

Consumers; Rep. Lou Lang; Amber Smock, Access Living Director of Advocacy and External Affairs

TUESDAY, Nov. 29, Following 1:30 P.M. Hearing

C-1, Stratton Building, Springfield.

Gary Arnold
Public Affairs Manager