Action Alert: Support Senate Bill 2680: Murphy Bills

A note from Access Living’s Adam Ballard, calling for support of SB 2680 without amendments. The bill will likely be voted on soon.

Our friends at the National Coalition for Mental Health
Recovery have sent along the following important advocacy alert:

Senate Poised to Vote on the Murphy Bills

Please call or write your representatives in the United States Senate before Wednesday, November 23, 2016 to share the following message:

"Please support Senate Bill 2680 WITHOUT amendments or changes."

The leadership in Congress has indicated they will finally vote on mental health reform during the lame duck session. This is our final opportunity to voice our concerns with the Murphy Bills.

General Overview:

HR 2646, the original Murphy Bill, passed the House with nearly unanimous support. But it has language in it that, despite massive edits, is still dangerous for people with lived experience, especially those who need services and supports. S. 2680, the Senate version of mental health reform, does not have the toxic language in it that is in the House bill.
We must urge our senators to support S. 2680 without amendments or changes, as there will likely be attempts to insert some of the House bill's language.

Call or email your senator to support S. 2680 WITHOUT amendments or changes.

More information at:

Access Living supports NCMHR in this effort. Mental health consumers deserve access to care and services that THEY control, not those dictated to them. We champion consumer control for people with all kinds of disabilities. Please take action at the links in the above message TODAY.

Thanks for all you do,

Adam Ballard
Manager of Organizing and Policy