Updates on Illinois overtime policy for Home Services Program


(In the photo above, Kristina Reis, Personal Assistant Coordinator at Access Living, speaks about the impact of the Home Services Overtime Policy on the consumers and personal assistants with whom she works)

Last week, Governor Rauner and the State of Illinois announced that it would rescind enforcement of the Home Services Overtime Policy. This came as great news to the disability community and to workers within the personal assistant program. The disastrous policy was threatening the independence of people with disabilities in the program. Also, thousands of personal assistants were at risk of losing their jobs because of the horrible policy. Though the announcement from the State was good news, there were several questions unanswered. A few of those answers came today, August 9.

First, the state committed in writing to SEIU HCII that all occurrences issued to personal assistants under the overtime policy are void.

Second, until further notice, personal assistants will be allowed to work overtime. No justification or approval forms are necessary.

This is all great news. But the struggle will probably continue. It is anticipated that Governor Rauner and Illinois will submit the overtime policy to the Rules Making Process. If this happens, there will be a public comment period before the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules votes on the policy. Earlier today, a group of advocates delivered a letter to the Joint Committee member regarding the danger of instituting a policy that threatens the jobs of personal assistants and the independence of people with disabilities.

(In image below, Tom Wilson holds page two of letter to governor)


In conjunction with the letter to the Joint Committee, advocates delivered a letter to Governor Rauner, urging him to collaborate with members of the community rather than reissue the existing disastrous overtime policy.

Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard on this issue!

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Gary Arnold
Public Affairs Manager