Governor Rauner vetoes HB 4351

Updated August 1

On Friday, July 29, Governor Rauner vetoed HB 4351, introduced by Representative Greg Harris (D-13)in January of 2016. The bill was intended to safeguard home services for people with disabilities by preventing, “Rauner from increasing the eligibility score for community-based services until a new assessment tool is developed, (Medill Reports, February 16, 2016).”

Though in 2015, Rauner indicated he would not raise the eligibility threshold, HB 4351 would provide assurances.

For the story with Medill earlier this year, Access Living gave this quote, “With the political climate in Illinois, nonprofits and people who use social services have no assurances that programs are secure. This bill will help bring certainty to people with disabilities who receive Home Services.”

The veto of HB 4351 eliminates an element of security around a program that is essential to the independence of people with disabilities and a program that is fiscally responsible for Illinois.

After the governor issued the veto, SEIU issued this statement:

Statement from SEIU Healthcare Illinois and Indiana

August 1 Update:

Here are comments from Representative Greg Harris after the veto:

"I am sorry to see that Gov. Rauner has just vetoed HB 4351, my legislation which would have protected community-based services for tens of thousands of seniors and people with disabilities. We should be doing everything we can to support our older neighbors and people with disabilities to live independently and productively, instead of moving them to costly institutional care."