Women and Girl’s Coordinator participates in White House Summit

Access Living’s Fulani Thrasher recently was part of the 2016 United State of Women Summit, hosted by the White House on June 14. The Summit brought together activists and leaders from around the country to celebrate what has been achieved, and make plans for moving forward. It addressed issues like economic empowerment, preventing domestic violence and civic engagement. Thrasher was in prestigious company. The summit included participation from First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Shonda Rhimes, Laverne Cox and many more.
Access Living’s women and girls coordinator, Thrasher participated on a panel called “From Surviving to Thriving: Tools to Empowering ALL Girls.” As part of the panel, Thrasher spoke about “empowering black and brown girls with disabilities and the love for her Empowered Fe Fe group.” Thrasher was adamant about participating in the conference because she sought to bring empowerment to not only to women in a general sense, but specifically women with disabilities.
“I learned that there are people that are interested in making sure women and girls with disabilities are given an equal chance,” said Thrasher. Thrasher went on to explain her desire to bring the Fe Fes with her so that she might be able to put names to the faces of the personal stories she shared with all who were in attendance of the conference. Thrasher also spoke about her concern about the lack of personal stories shared by other organizations on the panel with her. However, she was pleased to know that they were all in agreement with the resources for women and girls or the lack of resources.
Thrasher concluded that she made “the best of the conference” because she was confident that her stories reached the audience. She also was delighted at the fact that people are more than willing to include women with disabilities and “check themselves,” so that solving the similar issues can be accomplished. She is expectant that the next time around she’ll be able to bring some of the Fe Fes along with her for a full representation of what a woman with a disability is.
Congratulations to Thrasher on her invitation to the summit and for her work to trumpet issues of women and disability