Today is the 17th Anniversary of the Olmstead Supreme Court Decision

A message from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy:

Today is a major anniversary date for the disability community---it is the 17th anniversary of the 1999 Olmstead Supreme court decision, which held that people with disabilities have the right to live in the community if there are available supports, and not be institutionalized against their will. Moving people with disabilities out of nursing homes and into their own homes is a major part of the work that Access Living does. Did you know that when we move someone into the community, there are 122 separate steps to make sure the process is complete? We are very thankful for our Independent Living staffers who make these moves happen.

The main driving force behind Olmstead work in the United States is National ADAPT, which committed to ending the Medicaid bias toward institutions back in 1991. Below, is a message and call to action from ADAPT.

From National ADAPT:

Today is the 17th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision, which established a qualified right for individuals with disabilities to receive state funded supports and services in the community. As The ADAPT Community celebrates this historic decision, we continue our efforts to advance the rights of Americans with disabilities to be integrated in society - as is every American’s inalienable right under the Constitution.


As we all recognize this important anniversary, please TAKE ACTION to secure a House version of the Disability Integration Act by doing this Action Alert: