Action Alert on Rideshare

A special update: the fight over the Chicago rideshare ordinance continues and Access Living and our allies are still holding firm that our position is that rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft need to be accountable for providing access to ALL people with disabilities: equivalent service, equivalent access, equivalent fares. Each company must be sure 5% of its fleet can be used by people with wheelchairs, and each company must have a disability specific complaint line. The members of City Council are under huge pressure from the rideshare industry to cave in and NOT pass this ordinance, or else they are threatened with political fire.

We invite those who are able to join us at City Hall in Chicago tomorrow, June 22, for the City Council meeting, which starts at 10 am on the second floor of 121 N. LaSalle. It is unclear how long the meeting will last, but it would be great to have allies on hand for at least a couple of hours. If you go to City Hall, look for Access Living’s Adam Ballard. It is not clear whether Alderman Beale will call the ordinance for a vote, or whether the rideshare industry will succeed in suppressing the vote. Much has been made in negotiations of a compromise ordinance, but it remains unclear as to what the final details of a compromise would be. So Access Living is holding to our original position.

Again, if you have not done so we urge you to take action at this quick and easy link to let the members of City Council know that WE WILL RIDE!