Access Living Legislative Bill Roster: 2016

Below is a list of bills that Access Living is tracking in the 2016 Legislative Session. It is not an exhaustive list of bills Access Living is monitoring or supporting; please contact Access Living’s Director of Advocacy for a full list if you are interested. Each bill has a summary.

Highlights of Access Living Legislative Bill Roster Spring 2016

HB0972: Access Living supports this bill.
Requires the Illinois Department on Aging to establish Community Care Program to prevent unnecessary institutionalization of persons 60 or older in need of long term care or who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Spousal assets may not be considered in determining eligibility. Recipient copayments based on ability to pay, with amounts equal to or less than federal poverty standard not considered in determining copayment. Contains provisions mandating inclusion of in-home service availability on evenings and weekends, calculation of services based on days and not blocks of time, person-centered services planning and direction, a study of the relationship between DON scores and service needs to make sure the assessment tool is accurate, and enhancing funding by waiver application and enrollment in BIP. Individuals with DON score of 29 or higher shall be eligible for institutional and home and community based services until State implements updated assessment tool. Minimum wage guaranteed for home care aides and PAs.

HB2990: Access Living supports this bill.
House Floor Amendment No. 2 replaces original bill. Appropriations to State agencies and educational institutions for costs of services for which no spending authority has been authorized for 2016 by any court, including funding for Independent Living Centers.

HB4203: Access Living supports this bill.
Makes appropriations to the Illinois Department of Human Services for the Home Services Program and for all costs and administrative expenses associated with the Community Reintegration Program. Effective July 1, 2015.

HB4351: Access Living supports this bill.
Amends the Illinois Act on the Aging, the Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Act, and the Illinois Public Aid Code. Individuals with DON score of 29 or higher are eligible to receive institutional and HCBS LTSS under CCP, HSP, supportive living facilities program, and nursing home prescreening project until State implements federally-approved updated assessment tool. DOA, DHS, and DHFS required to promulgate rules on updated assessment tool but are prohibited from promulgating emergency rules regarding that tool. State prohibited from implementing updated assessment tool that causes more than 1% of then-current recipients to lose eligibility. Anyone determined ineligible under updated assessment tool shall remain eligible for services for at least one year following that determination and must be reassessed no earlier than 11 months after that determination. [The foregoing provisions are also contained in HB0972.] Deletes the provision requiring HFS to increase the DON from 29 to 37. Amends the Nursing Home Care Act to provide that no individual receiving care in an institutional setting shall be involuntarily discharged as the result of the updated assessment tool until a transition plan has been developed by the DoA or its designee and all care identified in the transition plan is available to the resident immediately upon discharge. Effective immediately.

HB5559: Access Living supports this bill.
Amends the Medical Assistance Article of the Illinois Public Aid Code. Requires DHFS to develop a procedure no later than 1-1-17 to test provider network directories submitted by contracting MCOs. Requires the procedure to test accuracy of information contained in provider directories, ability of consumers to obtain appointment, timeliness of appointments offered to prospective patients. Requires HFS to consult, in developing the procedure, with MCOs, providers, consumer advocacy organizations, and other relevant stakeholders and to contract with an experienced third party in developing testing procedures on availability and access. Requires testing of primary care, MH, and specialty providers and any other provider types the DHFS has reason to believe may not exist in sufficient numbers in any MMCO region. Requires DHFS to publish data annually.

HB5641: Access Living is monitoring this bill.
Amends the Illinois Public Aid Code to require DHFS to adjust useful life expectancy of eligible orthotic and prosthetic devices and DME to 5 years. Requires DHFS to mandate that all DME vendors must be accredited by a CMS-approved accreditation organization. DHFS required to engage in rulemaking to implement this requirement. All vendors must meet accreditation requirements no later than 15 months after effective date of the rule. DHFS may contract with third party to audit DMS suppliers.

HB5671: Access Living supports this bill.
Amends the Medical Assistance Article of the Illinois Public Aid Code to provide, regarding network adequacy, that any Managed Care Organization (MCO) contracted with the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) must, on a monthly basis, validate with DHFS any changes in provider information including new and terminated providers, address information, hours of operation or other information material to enrollment and provider selection process. Any MCO contracted with DHFS must be required to produce system reports that validate that all MCO systems reflect updated provider information. Services shall be considered rendered in good faith by an enrolled Medicaid provider when based on information obtained after verifying consumer’s eligibility ad coverage plan through either DHFS’s enrollment system or coverage plan identified by consumer presenting for services. Requires DHFS to create and maintain MCO performance comparison tool to report at least quarterly on each MCO’s performance in various measures. That tool must be accessible in print and online. Online format must allow Medicaid beneficiaries and providers to access additional detailed performance information.

HB5764: Access Living supports this bill.
Amends the Illinois Act on the Aging to establish rate increases for vendors who provide homemaker services in the CCP. Increased rates to be $19.27 by 7-1-16, $21.39 by 7-1-17, $23.52 by 7-1-18, and $25.22 by 7-1-19. Dept required to pay enhanced rate ($1.77 per hour for FY 2017) to CCP in-home service provider agencies that offer health insurance coverage to direct service worker employees.

HB 5931: Access Living supports this bill.
Amends the Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities (MH/DD) Administrative Act and Public Aid Code to provide that DHS establish reimbursement rates building toward livable wages for front line personnel in residential and day programs serving PWI/DD, including ICFDDs, CILAs, DD training programs, employment, and other residential and day programs for PWI/DD supported by state or federal funds. DHS shall increase reimbursement rates so that direct support persons earn a base wage of not less than $15/hour and other front line personnel earn a commensurate wage.

HB6213: Access Living supports this bill.
Amends the Medical Assistance Article of the Illinois Public Aid Code to require each MMC entity contracted by DHFS to make available to Medicaid recipients on its website, without the necessity of a password/username/PIN, a provider directory in a machine readable file and format that includes contact information and website URLs of all health care professionals, hospitals, pharmacies, and service facilities. The information must be updated; there will be consequences if not. Requires DHFS client enrollment broker to post information on broker’s website explaining how to file a grievance or request a hearing to appeal an adverse action. Requires DHFS to create consumer quality comparison tool for plan selection.

SB2129: Access Living supports this bill.
Makes appropriations to the DHS for the HSP and for all costs and administrative expenses associated with the Community Reintegration Program.

SB2271: Access Living supports this bill.
Amends the Comprehensive Housing Planning Act, changing date from 6-30-16 to 12-31-26 as period through which state is required to prepare and be guided by annual comprehensive housing plan consistent with fair housing provisions of Illinois Human Rights Act.

SB 2952 – Parallel bill is HB 5931: Access Living supports this bill. For description, see HB 5931

SB2967: Access Living supports this bill.
Amends the Procurement Code to mandate that supplies and services be procured without advertising or calling for bids from any qualified not-for-profit agency for persons with significant (rather than severe) disabilities that meet certain requirements. To participate, the not-for-profit agency must offer the individuals they serve employment opportunities in competitive, integrated settings. Includes DHFS, Dept Commerce Economic Opportunity, and 2 members who have a disability on the committee overseeing the preference program.

HR0922 (Responsible Budget Resolution): Access Living supports this resolution.
Urges legislators to work together to modernize and reform the tax code and to immediately pass a Fiscal Year 2016 budget that will stabilize the lives of Illinois' children, families, communities, and businesses.
Amber Smock
Director of Advocacy