Action Alert: Fill out witness slip to support SB 2262

Senate Bill would increase essential money for CILA Residents

Today, March 2, 2016, SB 2262 will be discussed in committee. Disability Advocates are encouraged to fill out a witness slip in support of the bill.

Currently, residents of CILAs are only able to keep $50 of their monthly Social Security Income Checks. This is all the money people have to spend on shampoo, soap, toothpaste, clothing, linens, haircuts, transportation, recreation, hobbies, and unmet medical & dental needs. It is not enough.

The $50 amount was first set over twenty years ago. SB2262 would permanently set the amount at 15% of an SSI check. This would more than double the spending money available in today's dollars (15% of $733 = $110).

Please take a moment to fill out a witness slip in support of SB 2262.

The Senate committee meeting is at 3:00 p.m. today.

Here is the link to fill out a slip: Link to fill out slip