November 10 -- Today is the Day: Take Action on the DON Score before noon

Today, November 10, Access Living’s Director of Advocacy, Amber Smock, is in Springfield, rallying support for an override of HB 2482. In Chicago and throughout the state, all of us can support that effort by making some phone calls. Below is the action alert.

Dear Access Living friends and allies,

Today is a really big day in the campaign to protect 34,000 people with disabilities and seniors from losing their home services through a possible change in the DON minimum score from 29 to 37.

Yesterday, Governor Rauner made public a letter from his administration to the Centers on Medicare and Medicaid Services, in which the State committed to not raising the DON score. However, the Governor would still have the power to change the DON score at a later time. Hence, advocates are committed to continuing to support an override vote on House Bill 2482 (HB 2482), the DON score bill.

Many of you did a GREAT JOB yesterday contacting your State Representatives about the DON score. Today, the House convenes at noon, so we ask you once more today to take action. If the House passes the override, then it will go to the Senate, which will also need to pass it to make it final. Here is what we need today BEFORE NOON:

To contact specific State Representatives who could affect the vote, please use this easy link .

To contact your personal State Representative as a constituent, please use this easy link .

To contact your State Senator to ask them to vote yes on the override if the House passes it, please use this easy link .

Let’s go Illinois! Watch for updates later in the day.