Critical Action Alert on the DON Score Bill

Dear Access Living friends and allies,

The outcome of Governor Rauner’s action on House Bill 2482 (HB 2482) has been highly anticipated. HB 2482 is what readers know as the “DON score bill.” Rather than vetoing or signing off on the bill as is, last Friday the Governor chose to request what is known as an “amendatory veto” (AV) to HB 2482. This means he requested changes that were not in the original bill.

It is extremely important that HB 2482 pass as originally intended, because the lives of 34,000 people with disabilities and seniors are at stake. The override will require 71 votes in the House, so it is incredibly important that all of our House legislators go to Springfield tomorrow and vote YES for the override. If the override fails, the legislative protection against the changing the DON score from 29 to 37 will not occur. While that would not be the end of the story, as advocates would want to work with the state to ensure that home and community services are protected, passing HB 2482 as originally written is an important measure protect people with disabilities and seniors in a time of fiscal uncertainty.

It is critical that advocates take action TODAY as the House is expected to vote on HB 2482 tomorrow in Springfield. Here’s the easy link to contact your legislator . Please ALSO use this second link to contact key legislators who could affect the vote.

Let’s go Illinois! We will keep you posted on new developments. The House will go into session tomorrow at noon, so please take action before noon tomorrow.