Action Alert: Tell Governor Rauner to sign HB 2482

The clock is ticking. Governor Rauner has until end of day Tuesday, November 9, to sign House Bill (HB) 2482. HB 2482 is the bill that would preserve the Determination of Need (DON) score at 29, instead of changing it to 37. As you will know by now, if the DON is changed to 37, 10,000 people with disabilities and 24,000 seniors would lose home services. With the state budget crisis entering its fifth month, the stability of home services grows ever more uncertain. We need to see a commitment to home services NOW.

As we have emphasized many times before, people with scores under 37 are still people in significant need of help. These include people who may only have the use of one hand or foot due to stroke or amputation. It includes people who have issues with wound care or dialysis. It includes many, many people who live in subsidized housing and who, if they cannot clean and maintain their homes, could fail housing inspection and face eviction. It is a very serious matter of life or death for many of these people to have their home services taken away.

We urge you today to contact Governor Rauner to sign HB 2482 in at least one of three ways (you can do more than one):

1) Go to this link and write the Governor a letter urging him to sign HB 2482 to save home services for people with disabilities and seniors.

2) Call the Governor in Chicago at 312-814-2121 or Springfield at 217-782-0244. His staff will pick up the phone. Please tell them that you are calling to urge the Governor to sign HB 2482 to save home services for people with disabilities and seniors.

3) Use this easy link to send a fast email to the Governor’s staff working on constituent affairs, to urge that the Governor sign HB 2482.

Let’s go Illinois!

Amber Smock
Director of Advocacy, Access Living