Budget Action Needed RIGHT NOW!

Michael Grice, testifying at the #Walkout Rally on July 1-photo by Amber Smock
Dear Access Living friends and allies,

Given the developments over the last 24 hours, I have a couple more items for you, including an action to take.

First, for those tracking the Olmstead cases in Illinois, court orders are in place to continue funding for Ligas and Colbert. A hearing will be held tomorrow for the court order for funding Williams. Learn more from Equip for Equality at this link .

Second, RIGHT NOW, please use this link to contact our state legislators to urge that they pass at least a one month temporary budget to protect essential services for people with disabilities and seniors. It is incredibly urgent to do this TODAY. Already, there are service providers who are doing at least temporary furloughs that are impacting services. There are already people who are losing jobs. Your help is desperately needed because every constituent matters.

This morning, hundreds of people rallied in downtown Chicago in a #Walkout rally led by Asian Americans Advancing Justice. See one local story here . Access Living grassroots leader Michael Grice spoke about his concern that his personal attendants will not get paid on time, and that he will be forced to move back into a nursing home. Please help fight back against cutbacks for people like Michael Grice. Again, please use this link to contact our legislators!

Amber Smock
Director of Advocacy, Access Living