Tell Legislators to Choose Families & Communities

Today, May 13, is a Day of Action for the Responsible Budget Coalition. Groups and advocates around Chicago are calling for a revenue solution so that vital services that protect the rights and services of people with disabilities and others will be preserved.

Below is a Day of Action Alert from Access Living’s Advocacy Director, Amber Smock.


Dear Access Living friends and allies,

Access Living is part of a broad-based coalition called the Responsible Budget Coalition, which has been pushing for revenue solutions for our state budget. If more revenue is raised, then possible cuts will not be as deep, and it would help protect a range of social programs funded by the state. For example, the Chicago Sun-Times today has a piece featuring Access Living activist Jimmie Yarbrough, who depends on the Home Services Program, and the threat he faces if revenue is not raised. You can read it at this link . Jimmie is also a mentor to others who are survivors of nursing homes.

Today, as part of the Responsible Budget Coalition, all the member groups are sharing the following alert. Please take action!

From the Responsible Budget Coalition:

Illinois doesn’t have to make the deep cuts proposed in the Governor’s budget—we have a choice. Instead of painful cuts to vital programs for our children, families and communities lawmakers, the Governor must choose revenue.

Act NOW! Tell lawmakers to choose to stand up for Illinois families and communities and prevent cuts by choosing new revenue to close the budget hole.

Do two things today:

1) Call your lawmaker toll free at 1-844-311-CUTS (1-844-311-2887) and tell them to choose new revenue to prevent cuts to children, families, and communities.

2) Click here to email your lawmaker by entering your information below.

Please spread the word by sending this email to your friends, and posting the action to social media. Follow RBC on twitter @RespBudgetIL and use the hashtags #chooserevenue #nocuts and #twill.

Thank you so much for telling lawmakers to #chooserevenue! Let’s go Illinois!

Amber Smock
Director of Advocacy, Access Living