Illinois Budget Legislative Update -- Spring 2015

Access Living needs you to support a revenue solution to Illinois’s budget that protects home services, housing, and transportation for people with disabilities and seniors.

Home Services

People with disabilities and seniors need home-based services in order to make independent living in the community possible. The Governor’s proposed budget threatens these services by increasing the minimum determination of needs (DON) score from 29 to 37.

Take action to protect home services for People with Disabilities and Seniors:

CO-SPONSOR HR344, which opposes changing the DON score from 29 to 37


The lack of accessible, affordable, and integrated housing for people with disabilities and seniors is one of the largest barriers to getting people out of nursing homes and into the community – which helps individuals and saves the state money.

Take action to increase housing options for People with Disabilities and Seniors:

CO-SPONSOR HB 3189, which provides a small tax credit for making homes accessible

CO-SPONSOR SB 1547, which protects residents who have to call the police from being targets of unfair evictions


Access to transportation, both mainline and paratransit, is essential for people with disabilities and seniors. Without adequate funding for transportation, many people will be trapped in their homes and unable to get to work, doctor’s appointments, or become full members of their communities.

Take action to protect transportation for People with Disabilities and Seniors:

CO-SPONSOR HB 3110, which closes a tax loophole to fund the RTA


All of these programs, and many other important services, need a revenue solution. Illinois cannot afford to cut its way out of the budget deficit. We need revenue!

Take action to protect essential services across Illinois:
SUPPORT revenue solutions to Illinois’s FY 16 budget shortfall

Amber Smock
Director of Advocacy