Take Action for Home Services, CILs, Community Reintegration!

Here is a note from Access Living’s Director of Advocacy, Amber Smock. Two bills have been introduced in the Illinois Legislature. These bills call for full funding of three programs that are key to the independence of people with disabilities.

Please see below.

Action Alert from Amber Smock

We want to call on you today to hold our State Senators and State Representatives accountable for funding the following programs:

• The Home Services Program
• Centers for Independent Living
• The Community Reintegration Program

Senate Bill 2129 and House Bill 4203 have been introduced in the Illinois Legislature. These bills call for full funding for the three programs mentioned above, and we need your help asking key legislators to sponsor the bills to show that they support full funding. You can use our quick and easy action alert at this link to send a message to the legislators.

As you know, the Home Services Program serves around 30,000 people with disabilities ages 18-59. The Governor’s budget proposal advocates cutting ONE THIRD of those people off the program. Centers for Independent Living (CILs) depend on the over $4 million our network receives in order to keep our operations going and supporting people with disabilities living in the community. The Community Reintegration Program funds many of the actual moves that CILs do, moving people out of nursing homes and into the community. At Access Living, this money lets us run Stepping Stones, the program that helps teach nursing home residents community living skills.

Cutting any of these programs will make it much more difficult for Illinois to comply with the Olmstead consent decrees: Ligas, Williams and Colbert. Hundreds of people with disabilities have successfully moved into the community with support from the programs above. Let’s make sure we can keep up the good work.

C’mon Illinois!

Amber Smock
Director of Advocacy, Access Living