Board of Directors Meeting, October 30, 2013


Board of Directors Meeting
October 30, 2013

In person: Jerry, Ben, Evelyn, John, Lance
On the phone: Zully, Buddy, Joyce, Shawnelle, Brad, Will, Kevin, Mike
Staff: Daisy, Marca, Mimi, Elisabeth, Jerry

I. Call to Order at 4:04pm

II. Approval of Minutes

1. 7/31/2013 Full Board Minutes.
2. Motion – Jerry made the motion, Lance seconded, the motion carried.

III. Chair’s Report

A. Strategic Planning Steering Committee – Daisy
Process of developing a strategic plan has begun. The strategic plan will take effect July 2014.
* The strategic plan steering committee has met several times. Trend data has been gathered, our consultant has completed external partner interviews, 2 staff focus groups were held, and a board assessment was completed.
* We are working on planning a retreat for January 11th. A combination of board and staff will attend
* External partner interviews – key take away:
* We are known for our advocacy, but many don’t know what type of services we provide
* Strategic planning steering committee- next meeting 11/21 please let Daisy know before than if you have comments on the stakeholder interviews or focus group summaries.

B. Board Outcomes– Sent 10/30
* Information will be reviewed by each committee.

C. Board’s Role in Fundraising
1. Survey Results– Mimi
Thank you for filling out the survey on fundraising. The goal is to use board member skills that were identified
2. Board Only Discussion on Fundraising (closed session)

IV. Presidents Report - Marca
A. Welcome to Elisabeth

* There have been several leadership changes, most recently Emanuel appointed Michael Merchant as head of the CHA, we are hoping it is a positive change. We are working to set up a meeting with him.
* We are working towards an agreement to identify an Olmstead preference list, due to the change in leadership they are backing away from our earlier agreement.
* We are very worried that of the 80,000 people on the waiting list, only 127 overlapped between CHAs list and people in nursing homes.

* Hearing is Tuesday Nov 5th!
* Tammy Duckworth and Mark Kirk will be testifying.
* Dick Thornburg, Tom Ridge, Kelly Ayott reading Sen Doyle’s statement
* If you have contacts with republican Senators in Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin or Arizona, let Marca know.
* 800 organizations on board with CRPD including American Legion and US Chamber of Commerce. Groups that have signed on include religious groups, civil and human rights groups.

D. International Visitors
* Side effect of treaty is that lots of international groups are visiting the US.
* Inclusive (of people with disabilities) grant making is occurring in the area of foreign relations.
* Access Living is being given the opportunity to participate in international fellowship exchanges, 4 in the last year: Egypt, Tajikistan, Colombia, Tunisia,
* Looking into funding possibilities for a coordinator for this program.
* Zully – Thanks for allowing space/time for the Ecuador group visit.

V. Committee Updates

A. Nominating and Board Development Committee – Andres Gallegos (Daisy)
1. 2014 Slate
* Kevin Fritz, Cliff Weber, Maury Fantus, Kareem Dale, Northern Trust Slot.
* Motion to accept slate – Jerry made the motion, Evelyn seconded, all in favor, none opposed. The motion carried.

2. Annual Meeting
* December 11th, Wednesday, 5pm-7pm in 4th Gallery
* Awards:
o IL Facilities Fund – HFI Project
o Toni Perkwinkle – role in amendment that makes sure people with housing vouchers in Cook County can’t be discriminated against.
o Recognition of Otis – he was the cleaning person for 25 years, has had some health issues and has retired.
o Annie Hopkins Youth Award

B. Resource Development Committee – John Schmidt
1. Marathon / Half-Marathon
* We had 4 runners and raised $1445 for the half marathon.
* We had 1 runner and raised $1250 for the full marathon.

2. Driehaus Event
* 70 people attended, anonymous donor was happy with event
* We are working to answer the question: how are we going to keep the new donors involved?

3. FHIP Grant
* $975,000 over 3 years for testing for fair housing.

4. Direct Mail
* Mimi will contact board members who indicated a willingness to write notes to lapsed donors after the meeting.
5. Gala 2014
Secured a corporate chair JP Morgan Chase

C. Finance Committee – Mike Santay

1. FY2013 Audit
* Jerry- Audit went very well, were very well prepared, 3 weeks total from May to June. We had a clean audit, no findings, which happens less than 10% of the time according to our new auditors.
* Broke even for the year. Freed Family owes us $750,000 from a capital campaign pledge. – Sidley helped with this matter by writing a letter to them.
* Auditors were impressed of the accounting policies.
* Motion to accept draft of the audit results– Evelyn made the motion, Jerry seconded, the motion passed.

2. Investments
* Our endowment is over $2million.
* Three people from finance committee will reassess our strategies. We hope to have the modifications in place at the finance committee meeting in Nov.
* We want to increase the return on the investments that are not currently making any money
* Chandler estate is being resolved. We expect the range of $200,000-$250,000. This will go into our endowment per the instructions in the will.

3. August Actuals
* September is done, ahead of schedule.
* Largest unknown is the relocation grant with the state, 6 new housing locators, 12 people a month need to be moved to break even, making good progress.
* State payments are doing better – only 2 months behind.
* Biggest struggle is the turnover at the state is creating additional work.

D. Program Committee – Evelyn Arkebauer
1. Restructure of Advocacy Department: Overview
* Org Chart was sent today of AL.
* New structure:
* Beto manages:
* Housing Team - 3
* Latino Organizing - 1
o Amber manages:
* Health team – 3
* Education/Employment Team – 4
* Youth -2.5
Looking to hire part time Admininstravite Assistant.

2. Changes in Community Supports/Waivers
* State would like to consolidate the Medicaid waiver under 1 waiver.

3. Update on Women/Girls Advocacy
* Ramping up – educational rally was held at UIC med district
* Teaching the girls how to be advocates!

4. Community Re-Integration Work Update
* Moving people out of institutions – we have moved 16 people total, this month we have moved 3.
* Issues of meeting 12 a month is that the managed care organization are supposed to secure class member documents (ID, social security award letter, etc.) have been lagging and sending out of date documents.
* Apartment Finders working with us to help looking at apartments.

5. Olmstead Updates - Patti
* Ligas Case – ICF’s DD
o A high percentage of people who have requested to be in the class- 900 so far.
o The state has exceeded Dec 15th benchmark by serving30% of those who have requested services- 520.
o Have to serve 1500 by June 2014, 1300 already.

* Williams Case – people with mental illness
o 743 have moved out or signed leases, which was above the bench mark of 630 by the end of June. The providers have the capacity and momentum to keep the numbers up.
o Many people don’t want to be evaluated.
o Many don’t meet the evaluation qualifications based on medical condition, hospitalization history, etc. The state is doing a retraining of outreach workers.

* Colbert Case – 1400 people have been evaluated
* 400 have been referred to the housing locating groups, 47 have moved.
o State was supposed to have moved 300 by the beginning of November and they are way behind.
o We are documenting all the problems and what we want done differently.

VI. Old/New Business

VII. Adjournment- 6:15pm
A. John moved