New Ombudsman Program

In September of 2014, Access Living opened the Ombudsman Hotline. Under the hotline, Access Living receives calls regarding home and community service issues impacting people with disabilities and seniors who live in their own homes.

The hotline number is 312.640.2152

The hotline has been set-up to give assistance to people who live in their own homes within the City of Chicago and:

• Have BOTH Medicaid and Medicare under the Medicaid/Medicare Alignment Initiative, OR

• Receive services under the Person with Disabilities Waiver, the TBI Waiver, or the HIV and AIDS waiver (the consumer would be age 59 or under), OR

• Receive services under the Home Services Program or the Community Care Program, OR

• Any senior living in their own home in Chicago.

Below are examples of situations with which Access Living’s Ombudsman Staff assist:

1. If a person has enrolled or was “passively” enrolled into a Managed Care Organization, and is experiencing difficulties with contacting his or her Care Coordinator for medical, social services, behavioral health, and pharmaceutical matters, consumers should call the Ombudsman hotline for guidance or to establish a complaint against their provider.

2. A person believes their personal attendant is not providing adequate services and they are not sure how to address the matter with their personal assistant.

3. A senior that resides in a senior building (not a nursing home) is having a rodent or bug infestation. The person has attempted many times through calls and letters to speak with the landlord, but the landlord has been unresponsive.

4. People are having a difficult time understanding their health insurance plans.

These are a few examples of what the Ombudsman team can do. “Ombudsman” means “Citizen representative” and that is what Access Living is here to do---help people be able to stay in their own homes where they want to live.