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In 2011, the community organized trips to Springfield to send a message of independence and choice for people with disabilities. In this photo, Access Living staff and allies gather on the Capitol Rotunda.
Community organizing to preserve services that support independence of people with disabilities

Over the past few years, home and community based services – programs that enable people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes instead of nursing homes – have consistently been the target of state budget cuts. Each year, the disability community and its allies have rallied around the threat to our independence, have spoken together as a community, and have been able to largely stop any Home Service Cuts.

Unfortunately, this year, home and community based services may again be under attack. As a result of the state budget crisis, many politicians from both parties have talked about the need for deep Medicaid cuts.

Because of threats to Medicaid and disability services, the Task Force on Attendant Services is planning two days of action before the Governor's budget address.

The goal is to send a message before the February 22 budget address that preserving Home and Community based services are essential to people with disabilities living independently and pursuing a strong quality of life. Cutting the programs threatens the independence and quality of life of people with disabilities, will cost the State more money in the long run because, without home and community services, people will be forced into more costly institutions.

Valentine's Day Event:

On February 14, Valentines Day, the Task Force and ADAPT deliver Valentines to Governor Quinn's office and the office of the Budget Director, David Vaught. The Valentine will deliver our message that the Home Service Program is vital to our people. It will suggest that we will be nice to them if they do the right thing in the budget and fully fund Home Care Programs.

February 15 Phone Action:

On February 15th, there will be a phone blitz on the Governor and the Budget Director. The message is: Access Living, the Task Force, and many others urge all members of the community to send the Governor and Illinois a message that is loud and clear:

Do not cut the Home Services Program!

We need to:

•Protect people with disabilities from unnecessary
•Invest in a Home and Community infrastructure
•Enforce the Olmstead mandates
•Strengthen the Home Service Program

Make your calls on February 15 –

Governor Quinn: 217–782–0244 or 312–814–2121.
Budget Director David Vaught: 217–782–4520 or 312−814−0023, email: GOMB@illinois.gov

For more information about the actions on February 14 and 15, contact Tom Wilson at 312–640–2125 or twilson@accessliving.org
Tom Wilson
Community Organizer - Health Care

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