Power to the People Advocacy Appreciation Day

Susan Aarup of Disabled Americans Want Work Now and Michael Sentino accepting the 2013 Helen Morley Award
Curtis Harris (foreground) was the 2012 Helen Morley Honoree.
On June 19, 2013 Power to the People hosted an Advocacy Appreciation Day. Power to the People is a network of Community Organizing Groups at Access Living. The groups covers a broad range of issues, including: Youth and Education, Housing, Health Care, Latinos with Disabilities and Employment.

The Appreciation Day is an annual event that celebrates the work of disability advocates. Last year, Power to the People launched the Helen Morley Award, given to an advocate for outstanding accomplishments. Curtis Harris won the inaugural award. This year, the award went to Michael Sentino and Susan Aarup. Sentino played a pivotal role in the housing campaign to include Voucher Holders as a protected class under Source of Income within the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance. As a member of Disabled Americans Want Work Now, Aarup has been a leader in the effort to bring Employment First to Illinois and eliminate sub minimum wage for people with disabilities.

Congratulations to Susan, Michael and all Power to the People Advocates.